Lethian Dreams – EnVain

Each work by Lethian Dreams is a brushstroke of melancholy that adds to, and does not superimpose on, a picture made up of poignant yet enveloping sensations like a cocoon, warm just as ephemeral. These are the emotions I feel every time I listen to the music of this marvellous French-Belgian group, led for twenty years by Carline Van Roos and Matthieu Sachs, aided since 2013 by the precious percussive contribution of Pierre Bourguignon. It is precisely the twentieth anniversary of the start of this adventure that has prompted the band to publish a celebratory ep containing two long tracks of about ten minutes each that represent a reflection on the past, always seen with a gaze somewhere between the pleasure of remembrance and the yearning for something that the passage of time has not erased but has somehow archived. Those who are familiar with Lethian Dreams know perfectly well what to expect from EnVain, so they can peacefully make the work their own by accessing the bandcamp; as for those who are still unfamiliar with it, there are hours of intimist, emotional and melancholy dripping music waiting to be discovered and, at least in this case, time is not our enemy, allowing us to enjoy any artistic form with the same power and intensity, regardless of when it was made.

2022 – Orcynia Music