Debuting with an album of a high standard and received with a certain hype by critics and the public does not always leave only positive trails; in fact, as expectations rise, it is not uncommon for subsequent works not to reach those same peaks, even if they remain at a medium-high standard. This is what happened, for example, to Val Atra Niteris with his solo project funeral doom Frowning: Funeral Impressions had brought to the attention of fans of the sub-genre a new name capable from the outset of presenting itself as a credible alternative to the historic bands;, while the subsequent full lengths Extinct and Death Requiem had proved to be undoubtedly valid works, but lacking the emotional momentum that characterised the debut. With this new Ep entitled Of Void, the German musician says he wants to rediscover those feelings, and for this reason he reworks two previously unreleased tracks, Alone and Corrode from a Dream, dating back to 2011 and 2013 respectively, to which he adds a newly composed one, the title track. Often, taking one step backwards is the same as taking two steps forwards, and the operation proves to be just right, as the two older tracks successfully reconnect with the best phases of Frowning‘s production, perfectly incorporating the new song. The pleasant sensation of listening to someone who put the teachings of Mournful Congregation to good use is once again apparent without evoking any calligraphic overtones, also because the more shrunken and introspective soul of the Australian masters is captured rather than the more recent openings to airy and poignant melodies. The result is thus a dark, profound album, complex in its fruition but capable of providing great satisfaction to those who will listen to it with due application. Val Atra Niteris proves, probably also to itself, that it is always able to offer funeral doom of high quality; we are in the presence of a musical project that is still in the growth phase, so that, despite the fact that what has been produced is already an important legacy, the definitive consecration album could be just around the corner, also because Of Void comes very close to this goal.

2022 – Independent