Viktor Jonas puts aside his Apathy Noir for a moment and comes back with a new project called Mylingen, in which he is supported by another vocalist in the person of the mysterious GC, author of a performance of great intensity. At Night I See Demons is an ep that is just over twenty minutes long, containing four tracks of medium length, very convincing in their development under the banner of a death doom with rather progressive traits, in some ways not too far from the sound of Apathy Noir, but with more defined melodic connotations combined with a more pressing rhythm. There is also an epic feel that emerges, in particular, in the track sung in Swedish, Nattväsen, where everything shifts to the level of an enthralling melodic black death. The final track Everything Is Cold also seems to be on this sonic plane, apart from the final minutes, which take up the progressive impulses that are well highlighted in the notable opening pair Falling and At Night I See Demons. Certainly, while Apathy Noir’s music has a darker and more intimate aftertaste, Mylingen‘s music exhibits a great impact and greater immediacy that makes it all palatable even outside the narrow circle of doom listeners. An appropriate and promising digression for the talented Scandinavian musician.

2023 – Independent