Transir – Sekhmet of the Sands

Transir is just one of the many projects of Canadian Chris Shaver, but it is the one of greatest interest to this blog precisely because of its stylistic connotations. Under this moniker, the musician from British Columbia has not yet released a full length, but on the other hand, since 2016 he has released two EPs and several singles of considerable length, of which this Sekhmet of the Sands is the latest. The death doom on offer is decidedly well executed and quite personal, albeit in its adherence to the stylistic features of the sub-genre, with Shaver resorting to beautiful lead guitar parts in the second half of the track as well as a deep and expressive vocal timbre. Overall, the track unfolds in a way that is consistently menacing but not too difficult to listen to, so Sekhmet of the Sands is a good opportunity to get acquainted with this fine North American musician, perhaps taking the opportunity to learn more about some of his other incarnations.  

2022 – Independent