Heléh is the name of this interesting Argentine trio that presents itself with a self-titled debut based on a quality doom metal. The band offers an interpretation of the genre that contrasts a very sorrowful and melancholic gait with the use of a stentorian voice like Gonzalo Civita’s, which leads to a result that can be placed at a hypothetical meeting point between Procession and Old Night, also due to the emphasis and epic feel that hovers throughout the five tracks. The use of the Spanish language characterises even more an album that does not reach forty minutes in length and that is well led by the good guitarist and bassist Matías Takaya, who is also joined by drummer Joahn π. Overall, Heléh is a pleasant surprise, also for its fresh and spontaneous approach to a style that in too many cases is proposed in a stale and calligraphic manner.

2022 – Independent