Unformulas – Post Mortem Visionary

Although this is their long-distance debut, Unformulas do not run the risk of appearing an immature band; in fact, leading the macabre dances we find one of the historical musicians of the Swedish extreme doom scene, Nicklas Rudolfsson, whose is enough to mention the leadership in two other prominent groups such as Runemagick and The Funeral Orchestra. In an attempt at a somewhat forced synthesis, Unformulas could appear as a sort of more epic version of the death doom of Runemagick, but, as we have said, this is an example that would not do full justice to this valid Post Mortem Visionary, a work in which, unlike the other bands mentioned, Rudolfsson does not take on the vocal parts leaving them to David Nilsson of the death band Feral. The album proves to be quite varied, relatively to the habits of the sub-genre, and enjoys considerable tension right from the opening track Uncontrolled Unforming, in which Nilsson’s convincing growl stands out against a heavy but enthralling sound background, finding its ideal synthesis in a magnificent song like Temple Of The Blind Death; overall, Unformulas‘ first release proves that, even with a long curriculum and full of quality releases, Nicklas Rudolfsson still has a lot to say, and he does it again with enviable effectiveness.

2022 – Aftermath Music / Ablaze Productions