Horre – Kuumet

Jesse Laatikainen is a young Finnish who has already good proven himself with his own funeral doom project Horre; Kuumet is his third full length since 2020, and it can be said that the path seems to be well on its way, at least judging by the outcome of this latest work. The funeral of the Janakkala musician is always characterised by minimalist traits, but Kuumet has an extra element that makes all the difference: a sense of inescapable pain that grips the throat from the first note and never leaves the listener. On the other hand, the formula is simple in appearance but far from obvious: a sound with a very slow rhythm drags on always maintaining a subtle melancholic vein that is the nourishment of those who love the subgenre. The folk nuances that had passed through the previous works, albeit fleetingly, have completely disappeared, in favour of a style that, as a first point of comparison, calls to mind Profetus, albeit with a less marked keyboard vein. The six tracks in fifty minutes length are obviously addressed to the initiates of funeral doom but, at the same time, they deliver a new name now well established within a scene as constantly capable of regeneration as the Finnish one.

2022 – Independent