Ballard / God’s Funeral – Compartido doce pulgadas a una cara

Compartido doce pulgadas a una cara is an interesting split album with Spanish traction, although it may be more accurate to define Ballard and God’s Funeral respectively Basques and Catalans. The former are authors, with the long track Hirurogeita hamazazpi, of a very slow and loaded with tension sludge doom that flows into an eerie cinematic sample in the finale, while the latter offer with Deessa dels Cims a funeral death doom in which the good use of the violin could superficially lead one to call My Dying Bride into question when, in fact, the sound of the Tarragonese group has almost none of the romanticism of the Halifax masters. Both Ballard and God’s Funeral made their debut in 2017 and to date have not released any full lengths but a handful of EPs and a few split albums; the feeling is that these are two bands with good potential for whom the auspice is that the near future holds more significant releases in terms of minutes.

2022 – Independent