Ornamentos del Miedo – Frío

It is difficult to add anything new or particular when commenting on the work of a musician who, while appearing on the scene with some frequency, always manages to maintain a surprisingly high level, but it is still a pleasant task to talk about yet another work by Ángel Chicote with his atmospheric funeral doom project Ornamentos del Miedo. In a little less than four years, the Burgos musician has released three full-lengths under this moniker (Este no es tu hogar, Ecos and Yo, no soy yo) and an ep (Destierro), to which a new ep entitled Frio is now being added. This is a work in which Chicote’s now quite distinctive stylistic trait is once again confirmed as inspired and capable of creating a melancholic and poignant aura, thanks to the excellent guitar work; the two tracks, Frio and Vuelven Los Dias, move in continuity with what has been composed in the recent past, even if a slight hardening of the proposal is perceptible, especially in the second song. Certainly, those who have appreciated Ángel’s previous releases can approach these twenty-three minutes of intense and satisfying funeral with the utmost confidence, perhaps hurrying to find the special edition limited to only 66 copies.

2023 – The Way of the Hermit / Darkwoods