Stygian Love – Flowers Fade

It is a fact that, if you want to listen to emotional and poignant music, another possible landing place is that offered by those who try their hand at atmospheric black metal, perhaps even with a depressive imprint; proof comes from the Belgian lands with Stygian Love, the solo project of the mysterious G., who had already made a name for himself last year with his debut full length Solaceā€¦ The new Flowers Fade is a pastel-coloured brushstroke that of extreme metal basically possesses only the basics and a scream that remains so much in the background that it becomes one with the rhythmic base; a melancholic sensationspreads through these three quarters of an hour of music with a strong melodic impact and a never too sustained pace, except for a few passages in the first tracks. As has already been said on similar occasions, the right way to propose these sounds is precisely the one taken by Stygian Love who, without excessively exacerbating the sound, keep their roots firmly in place avoiding to sweeten the contents, unlike what is done with undeserved success by many musicians who end up turning the whole thing into a display of honeyed music with little incisiveness.

2023 – Fiadh Productions / Vita Detestabilis Records