Desperation Eclipse – Heights Of Negation

Desperation Eclispe is the name of a new funeral doom band from Germany. Although there is at least a Facebook page associated with it, little or nothing is known about the people behind the project, but the fact remains that the sound is appealing to those who appreciate the drone derivations of the subgenre. Heights Of Negation is an ep containing two long tracks, both titled Negation, which altogether exceed half an hour in duration, leaving room only for a painful, melodic-less procession, exactly what is needed to take a breathless dive into an oppressive work such as one rarely hears. The level of incommunicability is comparable to bands such as Rigor Sardonicous or Mistress of the Dead, but without the expression of disgust for mankind of the former or the irrepressible melancholy of the latter; rather, in Heights Of Negation there hovers an apocalyptic hint that remains in the background, almost like a sort of looming threat that never manifests itself explicitly. This is a release that, due to its characteristics, is destined for an even more select audience than the one that has already been sifted enough through the funeral sieve, but this does not mean that Desperation Eclipse‘s work should be ignored, far from it.

2023 – Independent