Tumulation – Savage Blood Domain

A good debut demo for the US Tumulation, a trio of musicians from the death band Conjureth, among whom the one with the most notable service record is drummer Wayne Santopulos, one of the founding members of the equally menacing Encoffination, who is joined by Frankie Saenz (guitars and bass) and Ian Mann (vocals and guitars). We are talking about death doom, and one can therefore expect a rather raw, direct sound, not lacking in brutal rhythmic accelerations. Nothing new or shocking, but Savage Blood Domain offers twenty minutes that unfold showing the band’s conviction and competence, evoking atmospheres that are slightly less putrid than those of the aforementioned Encoffination. The fact that the work in question is a demo not be misleading, as the sound is entirely satisfying from every point of view; if this was a test to tickle the attention of some record label with a view to a future full length, I would venture to predict a positive outcome for the Californian band.

2023 – Independent