Black Sea – Chained to Suffering

A new Chilean band enters the death doom scene, already offering a proof of certain depth on their first attempt. The Santiago band’s interpretation of the genre shifts to the romantic gothic side, with My Dying Bride as possible main points of reference, although rather than the violin, the melodic search is often entrusted to the acoustic guitar. The sound flows smoothly and is characterised by good emotional content, where in the end the most extreme aspect is Juan Borroni’s voice. Since this is an EP, the work is short with its three main tracks (alternating with effective acoustic fragments), among which the final Legado de tristeza, sung in the mother tongue, is noteworthy, an expedient that, as has already been said on similar occasions, ends up giving the whole thing greater emphasis, then it is up to the listener to judge whether this is a good thing or not. Certainly, with this Chained to Suffering, Black Sea consilidate the trend that sees Chile as the South American fulcrum of doom metal, in all its various expressions.

2023 – Independent