Elderseer – Drown in the Shallowness

Meuse Music Records, a Belgian label that, for the mere fact of being directly involved in the organisation of the wonderful doom festival Haunting The Castle, deserves the eternal gratitude of all fans, releases this first full length by the English band Elderseer, who made their first appearance in 2018 with the ep Bind Us as One. The four tracks included in that work are also re-proposed on this occasion at the end of as many newly composed ones, thus offering almost seventy minutes of well-crafted melodic death doom, enthralling and with a vague hint of epic. Clearly there is a bit of a gap between the new songs and the older ones, which is perceptible as well as understandable, since there is a rather wide temporal gap between the compositions, as well as a different conformation of the band in the two phases; in fact, listening to Drown in the Shallowness of It All, the last of the newly minted songs, and She Is the Ocean, the first of those from the ep, one can see how the band’s leader and composer, Barry Copestake, has, over time, come to a less sullen and gloomy sound in favour of a more melodic bent. This thin difference in no way detracts the compactness from an effective and convincing album that Elderseer, thanks to a renewed line-up of experienced musicians, will soon be able to offer live.

2023 – Meuse Music Records