Abysmal Growls of Despair – Herald of Chaos

New work for the prolific Hangsvart with his funeral doom project Abysmal Growls of Despair; after an instrumental-only album such as Inner Earth, this time the French musician proposes the use of vocals not only in growl but also using the particular technique honed in recent years known as kargyraa, widespread in certain areas of Russia and Mongolia. The result is a very long full length like Herald of Chaos, in which moments of great intensity coexist with others that are perhaps perfectible, all set in a spontaneous and credible context, light years away from any mannerism. The concept is interesting, though certainly not new (in short, a messenger of the gods returns to earth to wipe out humanity, a laudable intent in light of what we are seeing today, and I’m not just talking about war consequences), and in any case well expresses the sense of alienation that underlies the whole of this guy’s production. Personally, I think that with these two latest works Hangsvart has managed to express a more focused idea of his funeral, which may not be for all ears but has a solid right to citizenship among the most interesting realities of the subgenre, apart from the top names. 

2022 – Independent