Déhà – A fleur de peau – V – At The Poles of Everything

Déhà closes the cycle A Fleur de Peau with the fifth episode At The Poles of Everything, which is inevitably another work to be listened to and savoured in every single part. This time the four long tracks present seem to show an alternation between the extreme soul and the more intimate one, even if the division is never so clear-cut and these nuances permeate all the songs, in which the Belgian musician’s sound tends to support the vocal timbres offered from time to time by the various guests present, in order of appearance A.K. (Decline of the I) in Everything is Going to Be Okay, Valerio Granieri (Rome in Monochrome) in Swim in Light, Sven Bolter and Pat Moers (Ascian) in Cornelian Dilemma and Walran (Angellore) in Reconciliation. As always, and it is almost nauseating to reiterate this, Déhà‘s music is dripping with an emotionality that can be expressed through lacerating accelerations of the DSBM matrix as well as author’s brushstrokes that can be traced back to the best post-rock, finding an ideal synthesis in Reconciliation (in which the contribution of Caroline Salmona’s violin is also significant), a worthy conclusion to almost fifty minutes of music as well as to a series of albums with an artistic depth and evocative potential that never cease to surprise, despite the frequency of Déhà‘s releases.

2023 – Independent