Marianas Rest – Auer

The unstoppable march of Marianas Rest, who are increasingly on their way to becoming one of the leading acts in melodic death doom, continues; the progression that seemed to have already touched a level difficult to surpass in Fata Morgana, their third full length in 2021, continues with the new Auer, a work in which the sound unfolds excitingly and engagingly for over fifty minutes, The only pauses for reflection are to be found in White Cradle, partially sung in the mother tongue, and in the final Sirens, in which Aaron Stainthorpe lends his unmistakable voice. Overwhelming and impeccable songs, with peaks to be found in the opening title track and in Light Reveals Our Wounds, unravel with an approach that, more than other bands in the sector, pushes towards melodic death, but without distorting the dark and melancholic imprint of the doom component. Auer is yet another unmissable album produced by a band on whose objective value total unanimity has now been reached.

2023 – Napalm Records