The solo project of Scotsman Chris McNicholl encapsulates its strangeness particularly in the moniker Liminalanimal, as the black doom on offer is instead well within the typical coordinates of such sounds. The work of the British musician is under the banner of the most genuine DIY, and this has repercussions on the sound performance, which is, in the end, the only revisable aspect of a rather brilliant proposal from a compositional point of view, given that McNicholl possesses a good melodic taste that emerges in all six tracks (entitled Punished for Existing like the album). Considering that the aforementioned imperfections are much more easily remedied than other possible shortcomings, this makes it reasonable to believe that Chris’s next moves may be under the banner of an important progression of this project of his, which, at its first field test, demonstrates a non-trivial potential.

2023 – Independent