Sergio González Catalán returns with the second long-distance release of his black metal project Winds of Tragedy, with which he had already given excellent proof with his debut full length As Life Drifts Away. As was already the case on that occasion, also in this album entitled Hating Life the Chilean musician offers an interpretation of the genre in the atmospheric and melodic side that, in some ways, is the logical consequence of the talent expressed in an explosive manner with the albums released under the name Rise to the Sky. Obviously, the sound follows the dictates of black metal, so it proves to be much more intense and pounding than with the melodic death doom project, but the intensity and emotionality that González Catalán manages to produce is not so far removed from what he offered with the recent Stay with Me When You’re Gone, for example. Hating Life represents yet another confirmation of the talents of this talented musician who, despite a rather high release frequency, always manages to keep the bar high, and this is a quality possessed by few and select artists.

2023 – Meuse Music Records / Tragedy Productions