Bræ – Av vålnader bortom allt

The unstoppable Déhà proposes a new release that sees him in the limelight, this time together with the Sweden Swartadauþuz, with whom he had already come to the fore both two years ago with this same depressive black project called Bræ, and a few years ago with Iniquitatem, always as a duo but with a funeral doom matrix. In these guises, the sound is definitely much less appealing or at any rate less immediately usable than other forms to which the Belgian musician has accustomed us of late; compared to the aforementioned, where the two shared the instrumental part, here all the compartment is the prerogative of Déhà while his Scandinavian colleague offers only his scream. This new album titled in Swedish (Av vålnader bortom allt) oscillates between slower passages and moments of greater intensity, always living up to expectations and from which emerges an absolutely genuine, effective and above all convincing interpretation of the sub-genre, along the two tracks lasting just over twenty minutes each. So once again the union between Déhà and Swartadauþuz bears excellent fruit, and I personally hope that sooner or later the two will also follow up the excellent Through Dead Forests, He Dwells, the last work signed Iniquitatem as well as the only one in which the Swedish musician has made use of the valuable musical backing of his Belgian counterpart.

2023 – Amor Fati Productions