In recent years, Juho Huuskola, who had already made his debut in the first decade of the century with his funeral doom project Shades of Deep Water, has made a comeback producing several important works; more recently, under the moniker In Depths of Winter, he produced an excellent album of melodic death doom and then moved on to ambient music with a project called C, all this after the publication in 2019 of the beautiful Death’s Threshold, the last full length under the name Shades of Deep Water up to that point. Juho brought his main creature back into the limelight in the last months of 2022 with Stonetomb, a split album together with his other incarnation C, and in this short work one could understand that his melancholic vein had far from dried up; in fact, to confirm these feelings, it can be said that this new album Deluge Towards Its Close is probably the highest point touched by the talented Finnish musician. The album stretches over six tracks with an average length of around seven minutes and is a display of painful melancholy that is expressed right from the opening track Subsiding, a truly formidable track followed by another whose title refers to the project C and which, however, does not possess the ambient characteristics exhibited in the remarkable Vedestä Valkoiseen, and then runs through another four marvellous songs in which the album’s depressive and, at the same time, atmospheric and melodic potential reaches rather high peaks. During the presentation on bandcamp, Huuskola himself speaks of an album that brings back to the darker and slower sounds of the first albums, and this is true, but frankly the level of intensity reached here is in my opinion much higher; listening to Deluge Towards Its Close is therefore absolutely recommended to all admirers of this kind of funeral doom, comparable to the work of Ryan Wilson with The Howling Void.

2023 – Independent