Shrouded in Darkness – Be None of You

In a March full of many valuable funeral death doom releases, the latest album by Shrouded in Darkness, a Swedish trio that already made a name for themselves two years ago with their first full length Abyssum Abyssus Invocat, risks being a bit crushed and underestimated. In fact, the new Be None of You is a work that crystallises a very particular sound, dominated in a rather sensitive way by keyboards that make the whole rather solemn and liturgical, but at the same time with a great oppressive load. Clearly there are no particular melodic openings, because the work of the band from Gothenburg is much more focused on the creation of a suffocating atmosphere that leaves only some space for rare passages of lead guitar, always appropriate and incisive; this occurs especially in the penultimate track of the album, Between Two Worlds, the one in which the sound of Shrouded in Darkness touches the highest peaks before closing with the title track, long episode but anything but superfluous inspired by dark ambient in the style of Cold Meat Industry. That of the Swedish band is undoubtedly an excellent demonstration of rather original death doom, certainly less oriented towards the melodic side than what many of the best-known and most advertised bands in the sector have been accustomed to lately.

2023 – Kvlt und Kaos Productions