The Chilean band Weight of Emptiness has been active for several years and with two full lengths released in the last decade they have demonstrated their ability to handle melodic death doom in an absolutely optimal and convincing manner; a confirmation comes with this latest work entitled Withered Paradogma, in which the South American band once again presents an interpretation of the subgenre that leans more towards melodic death than actual doom. To sum it all up, we can say that a possible term of comparison seems to be bands with a sound stylistically close to Insomnium, and from this we can deduce that the sound of Weight of Emptiness is pressing, made up of very inspired songs from the melodic point of view, which are however interspersed with appropriate slowdowns, especially of acoustic matrix, as well as enhanced by the versatility of vocalist Alejandro Ruiz, able to easily switch from growl to a clean singing of very good workmanship. The album is also impeccable from a formal point of view and from this it follows that it is absolutely recommended to all fans of the genre, it being understood that from the point of view of innovation nothing can be asked of those who engage with these sounds, but then again this is also true for bands more celebrated than the same Weight of Emptiness.

2023 – Sliptrick Records