Hellish Form – Deathless

Hellish Form had already made a name for themselves with some minor works at the end of the last decade, then with their debut full length Remains they put themselves forward as one of the most interesting newcomers to the US funeral doom scene. This new album titled Deathless literally blows the Vermont duo away, as they exhibit a melodic and atmospheric vein is exhibited with a continuity that is surprising to say the least, and which is only mottled by the frequent use of the scream (only sometimes replaced by a more canonical growl); in fact, this is perhaps the only extreme concession to sounds that unfold in a very enveloping manner, although always keeping its most mournful component in good evidence. On the other hand, one cannot help but notice how the impact is much more aimed at creating a melancholic atmosphere rather than a dramatic or desperate one, as is often the case in other instances. Hellish Form‘s skill is precisely that of being able to propose all this in an inspired and genuine manner, whether through beautiful guitar solos, enveloping keyboard passages or limpid acoustic guitar arpeggios. Deathless is sincerely one of the most beautiful works released at the beginning of 2023, even if it is placed on a different stylistic plane compared to the most interesting recent releases in the subgenre precisely because of its characteristics and, therefore, cannot be even remotely compared to the work of compatriots Mesmur, just to give an example; a different approach leads to results that are superimposable in quality, thanks to four tracks for just over three quarters of an hour of magnificent funeral doom.

2023 – Independent