After several years of silence, the talented Jorik Arts returnes to offer new music through his main project Doomcult, with which he has already given good proof of himself in the past. Failure of Life is the third full length released under this moniker and confirms the peculiarities of the doom proposed by the Dutch musician, who proves himself once again adept at blending the classic version of the genre and the roughness typical of extreme doom. The real novelty in this work is that Arts also makes use of another vocalist, Rens van Herpt (Treurwilg and Beyond Our Ruins), who is able to offer with his growl a good alternative to the harsh vocals used exclusively previously. The result is a decidedly interesting album, with seven enthralling tracks that, if they do not represent anything particularly innovative, are nevertheless consistent with the rather recognisable style adopted in End All Life and Life Must End, but with something extra in terms of both impact and sonic variety. In fact, although Doomcult is not one of the best known names in the scene, the skill and conviction with which Jorik regularly released albums and ep’s in the second half of the last decade would certainly deserve more attention from listeners who, here, will find something to entertain them with a good hour of doom that is enjoyable but far from banal.

2023 – Kvlt und Kaos Productions