Fires in the Distance are an American band who had already put themselves in the limelight a few years ago with an excellent long-distance debut entitled Echoes from Deep November and who now return with their second full length Air Not Meant for Us, fully confirming the good things that had already emerged on the previous occasion. On the other hand, the group from Connecticut is made up of quite experienced musicians, and is in any case endowed with a technique of a certain level that allows to produce a very inspired melodic death doom, with keyboard work that often goes to pianistic punctuation, and equally from the point of view of the guitar solos, which are always very effective and involving; hence the result is a collection of tracks that are decidedly of excellent quality for an album devoid of weak points. Apart from the fact that the proposal may not be exactly among the most innovative in circulation, the work of Fires in the Distance can be easily placed on the levels of the best Northern European bands dedicated to these sounds, but what makes the sound of the American group sufficiently peculiar compared to other similar realities is, precisely, the use of the piano that gives everything a special aura, especially making certain passages much more melancholic. Despite the goodness of the vocal parts, it must be said that the most emblematic track of the band’s talents is the instrumental Adrift, Beneath the Listless Waves, the qualitative peak of an album like Air Not Meant for Us, a confirmation for another band to be added to those to be kept under close observation.

2023 – Prosthetic Records