My name is Stefano Cavanna, I was born in Genoa in 1961, in everyday life I work for a railway transport company and, in the remaining time, I pursue my two great passions, music and sport. In the last ten years I’ve written over a thousand reviews and articles, first for In Your Eyes and then for MetalEyes, a webzine, the latter, founded in 2016 together with my friends Alberto Centenari and Massimo Argo, which gained in a short time a certain credibility in the environment, before closing in August 2019 due to the objective impossibility to maintain high quality standards, having to continue to manage everything only in my spare time. Currently I continue to write some reviews for the Facebook page Doom Heart, managed by the organizer of the homonymous festival, Alberto Carmine, and I collaborate with a weekly column to the radio program Overthewall by Mirella Catena, which airs on several radio stations, both on the web and on FM. As well as most of those born in the sixties, my musical training, as a listener, was marked mainly by progressive music, at least until the next decade when I began to be attracted by darker sounds; from there a galaxy of notes opened up until then unknown, with the discovery of darkwave and the meeting with fundamental bands such as Joy Division, Bauhaus and The Cure, to arrive later to the gothic rock of Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission until the inevitable Fields Of The Nephilim. McCoy’s band represented the ideal picklock that allowed me to access the boundless world of metal, favoring me the approach to its most extreme sides such as death and the first offshoots of black, rather unusual circumstance for someone who started listening to King Crimson and Genesis. But the real thunderbolt came when I listened to Forest Of Equlibrium by Cathedral, the album that virtually opened wide the doors of the sepulchres from which the painful gothic sounds of the first Anathema and My Dying Bride sprang, and then the more funereal ones coming from Finland with Shape Of Despair and Skepticism, a decisive and irreversible step towards those sonic abysses that I’ve never stopped attending. This blog has the only purpose of sharing on the net my passion for funeral death doom and in a broader sense for those mournful sounds of which many may ignore the existence. To do this, I imported most of the reviews written in the past, born for the publication on a webzine and therefore in some ways more complete and analytical than those that I will write specifically for the blog, which will be more essential, with the mere task of indicating to those who want to read the existence of albums worthy of listening. Whoever would like to contact me for any reason can write me privately by accessing my Facebook profile via the link below or by sending an email to stefano. metaleyes@gmail. com