The Black Harvest – Mortuary Dogma

Confirming the fact that Chile is the major hotbed of doom metal in South America comes this second full length by The Black Harvest, a band that had already made its long-distance debut in 2017 with a self-titled album. This new work entitled Mortuary Dogma is actually quite indicative of the goodness of this band and its ability to propose a death doom that is quite grim but capable of attracting thanks to ability to blend the more extreme passages with the slightly more melodic ones. All in all, even the work of vocalist Jorge Quilape proves to be functional to the cause because both the growl and the clean voice are excellent; emblematic, in this sense, is precisely the first track (which also bears the name of the band), very beautiful and enthralling, but also the rest of the work is not inferior, because all six tracks prove to be effective, sufficiently concise and able to enhance the good skills of The Black Harvest. So one can only rely with some confidence on yet another quality product from the Andean country, released moreover under the aegis of the active local label Australis Records.

2023 – Australis Records