Graves for Gods – The Oldest Gods

The Oldest Gods is the first real bang of 2022 in the extreme doom sphere: its authors are the Australian Graves For Gods, a duo from Adelaide formed by Matt Spencer (guitar and bass) and Ryan Quarrington (drums), with Jak Shadows as a guest on vocals. The four long tracks have the peculiarity of being difficult to classify, since the bradycardic rhythms typical of funeral, overlap stoner pulses, classic doom and some gothic nuances;If there is some truth in presenting ours as disciples of the British Sacred Triad, this can also be misleading, because it is difficult to find clear similarities, if not at certain times to the first Paradise Lost but in a much slower version, or in the opening of the title track that refers to My Dying Bride, although not so openly. A remarkable melodic sense is the constant of a work that surprises for its heaviness and depth; a linear but always sharp work of the lead guitar creates beautiful harmonies on which the vocalist rages, using mostly the growl and offering an overall absolutely adequate contribution. Those who are looking for new names should not miss The Oldest Gods for any reason: with an album of this level, Graves For Gods show that they can legitimately afford the aforementioned illustrious mentions.

2022 – Sleeping Church Records