The Radiant Light – How to Leave this World in Peace

As I have already had occasion to say several times, it is possible to draw the listener into the deepest and most inaccessible abysses of the psyche even by using mostly intimist sound solutions, effectively renouncing the use of electric instrumentation. All this occurs when musicians of great sensitivity, perhaps coming from the world of metal, approach apocalyptic folk (or neo-folk, whatever you want to call it) trying to convey moods not dissimilar to those obtainable with funeral doom or depressive black, only resorting to an acoustic guitar and, as in this case, to suffused keyboard and bass lines to accompany a vocal interpretation of songwriting matrix. The case in point is The Radiant Light, the solo project of Corvus Von Burtle, known for its membership in bands such as Wolvennest, Monads and Cult of Erinyes: How to Leave this World in Peace right from the title suggests a juxtaposition to the ineluctable end of existence without despair or excessive regrets, preferring a serene acceptance of it all. The operation succeeds for the Belgian musician with a certain ease, despite being his first attempt in such a manner: in addition to his own inspiration, he relies on the help of his friend Déhà for recording and bass in Cult of Indifference, the voice of Shazzula from Wolvennest in the title track and the more widespread guitar contribution of Bones from Dread Soveraign. More than forty minutes of deep, reflective music with a considerable emotional impact are offered without shaking the listener, but enveloping him with a veil of melancholy that does not, however, leave too bitter an aftertaste. Corvus’ first attempt to tread these territories leaves only good vibrations and the desire to hear it again in the future.

2023 – Ván Records