Fvnerals – Let the Earth Be Silent

The band founded by Tiffany Ström and Syd Scarlet arrives at its third full length seven years after Wounds and after several logistical changes that finally brought the Fvnerals‘ base in Germany from Great Britain; the previous albums had already brought out a rather peculiar approach to doom that was mainly oriented towards the evocation of rarefied atmospheres, an aspect that is accentuated with this new Let the Earth Be Silent. Tiffany’s voice appears to be something of an anomaly in this stylistic sphere, as she is in the category of singers such as Carline Van Roos, Aleah Starbridge and others, but without the sonic coating showing any particular melodic openings, all the more so as compared to the past there is a sort of renunciation of the song form, because the compositions now always hovering between ambient, drone and dark atmospheric openings that outline what the title suggests. The music of Fvnerals does not usurp the moniker because, although it is not funeral doom in the most authentic sense of the term, it nevertheless evokes a widespread and incessant grief, capable of hurting as much as the more extreme forms and inducing a state of prostration as much as the more melodically sorrowful ones. Let the Earth Be Silent is a work of absolute merit, as complex as it is intense and rewarding.

2023 – Prophecy Productions