Lethian Dreams – Last Echoes Of Silence

With regard to this latest Lethian Dreams ep, I would like to describe its characteristics as I had written about the full length A Shadow of Memories in 2020. Warning, this does not prelude to an accusation of repetitiveness against the duo formed by Carline Van Roos and Matthieu Sachs (accompanied by the always precise percussive touch of Pierre Bourguignon), but reveals the total approval to a sound formula that ours propose in an admirable way like few others. Carline’s voice is capable of transmitting a disproportionate load melancholy despite being exhibited in a polite way, without jerks of tone or empty virtuosity of any kind, like Cecilie Langlie or the beloved Aleah Starbridge, the Belgian musician knows how to touch the emotional chords of the listener penetrating the defenses in an almost imperceptible as fatal. Of the six tracks contained in Last Echoes Of Silence, only four are previously unreleased, as Wandering and Your Silences are the reworking of the original songs contained respectively in Season of Raven Words and A Shadow of Memories, but the whole takes on a very organic appearance in showing a face if possible even more ethereal and delicate than Lethian Dreams. Catharsis, purity, wonder. And reality seems only a poorly made neo-realist film.

2021 – Orcynia Music