Mesarthim – CLG J02182–05102

The Australians Mesarthim continue tirelessly their cosmic journey started in 2015 with the full length Isolate; with time, the atmospheric black metal with electronic traits has become more and more airy but remaining, however, characterized by the innate ability of the mysterious duo to field a melodic inspiration that can not leave indifferent. This latest ep CLG J02182-05102 (the title refers to a cluster of galaxies located in the direction of the constellation of the Whale) is yet another convincing stage of a journey that can leave puzzled only those who, being misrepresented by the label black sticking a bit forcefully to the sound of Mesarthim, find himself listening to sounds that don’t possess any stylistic elements of the genre, if not some rhythmic acceleration and a moderate use of scream; in reality, the two dots continue to propose in the best possible way what many other similar, but more celebrated realities, often pursue in a mannerist way. That’s why listening to each work of Mesarthim is always a satisfying and imaginative experience.

2021 – Avantgarde Music