Runemagick – Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind

Runemagick is one of the longest-running bands in Sweden, having been active since 1991: it is led by Nicklas Rudolfsson, who funeral doom fans also know as the leader of The Funeral Orchestra and has recently ventured into another death doom project, Unformulas, in which the sound is not so far removed from that of the main band. It must be said that the sub-genre is expressed in its rougher guises, in the sense that there are no melodic or atmospheric temptations, but rather an approach based on a rhythmic, often pressing, but always pervaded by those slowdowns that allow the band to remain within the sub-genre. If, as can be understood, the work of Runemagick does not foreshadow a shift towards particularly innovative sounds, what is proposed by Rudolfsson (who has been accompanied in the band by his wife Emma since the beginning) in this Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind, Runemagick‘s thirteenth full length, is exactly what every fan expects from someone who has dedicated himself to the interpretation of these sounds for over twenty years with competence, skill and integrity.

2023 – Hammerheart Records