Afraid of Destiny – Contra Omnes

Afraid of Destiny are born out of the impulse of Adimere, which has been basically a one-man band until the musician from Trentino began to make use of some travelling companions in the previous releases, arriving with Contra Omnes at its fourth full length after three critically well-received albums. In addition to the current conformation as a band proper, the novelty in this work lies in the proposal of a sound that, while retaining its black metal connotations, often exhibits a variety that is truly welcome and, above all, never an end in itself. A fairly emblematic example is the last track, Requiem in C sharp minor, along which, for a quarter of an hour, all the sound facets shown in the previous tracks are highlighted. The sound thus appears much more open, also rich in solo guitar passages entrusted to newcomer Davide De Toffol, as well as moments close to ambient and in general always aimed at evoking emotions through a pronounced melodic vis. All this demonstrates the maturity of a musician like Adimere, capable over the years of evolving with each release and of offering a sound that is up to the situation both at the compositional and at the executive level, offering a product that is absolutely capable of making inroads even outside the restricted Italian borders; at least this is the hope, given the continuity with which Afraid of Destiny continue to propose their very personal black metal.

2023 – Talheim Records