Darkher – The Buried Storm

There are musical forms that cannot be cataloged for how much they stand out artistically and spiritually on what we are accustomed to listening to normally. Darkher, solo project of the English musician Jayn Maiven, has been for almost a decade a vector of a form of dark folk that combines a crystalline poetics to a gait imbued with suffused melancholy. Jayn’s voice belongs to the kind that I love the most, as it exhibits a bewitching tone and never unnecessarily forced, in line with colleagues from the equally evocative features such as Carline van Roos (Lethian Dreams) or the unforgettable Aleah Starbridge (Trees Of Eternity), but if possible inserted into a sound context even more rarefied and suspended, only rarely sprinkled with some more robust passages. After two ep, the self-titled debut of 2013 and The Kingdom Field of 2014, which had brought out all the potential of a unique talent, six years ago the first full-length Realms had launched the name Darkher in the empyrean of those sounds of which a label like Prophecy Productions is a sort of inexhaustible forge; talking about the new The Buried Storm ends up seeming a cloying exercise, because the contents of this work are so high that the only attempt to describe them may appear an act of presumption or even worse a way to dirty the purity that pervades every song and every single note. Darkher‘s music has a cathartic effect, it’s art that transcends time and space, it’s essential nourishment for the spirit.

2022 – Prophecy Productions