Lethian Dreams – A Shadow of Memories Instrumental

This is a rather peculiar phase in the career of Lethian Dreams, as both Matthieu Sachs and Carline Van Roos are currently embarking also on solo projects. Mind you, this does not mean that there is any risk of their partnership coming to an end, but there is no doubt that the search for expressive outlets unrelated to that of their long-standing companion is also significant in terms of possible turning points in the band’s sound. In this regard, the latest full length A Shadow of Memories from 2020 is being presented this time in an instrumental-only version, thus accommodating the requests of many admirers of Lethian Dreams. Although instrumental albums often give the feeling of being lacking something, and if possible this can be accentuated when the work in question has already been produced with vocal parts, in this case the operation seems all but superfluous, making a sound more funereal that Carline’s ethereal timbre inevitably pushes into more intimate territories; indeed, being able to focus attention only on these melodic, melancholic and very cadenced sounds, it is possible to grasp that darker essence that many, precisely because of the presence of a female voice, often tend to unjustly lump together with the cauldron of a much more ordinary gothic doom. It is precisely this choice, however, that reinforces the fact that Lethian Dreams is a band that, like its previous incarnation called Remembrance, possesses all the qualifications to be categorised in the darker sphere of the doom family.

2023 – Orcynia Music Productions