Lacrimas Profundere – How to Shroud Yourself with Night

The Germans Lacrimas Profundere emerged in the second half of the nineties, the heyday of the gothic doom scene, putting themselves in the wake of the seminal British triad with two works of considerable depth such as La Naissance d’un RĂªve and Memorandum, before gradually shifting their sonic coordinates towards a more sweetened gothic, but always characterised by a dark soul, as well as by a remarkable average quality. The latest full-length How to Shroud Yourself with Night, the thirteenth in the series, is no exception to this, with guitarist Oliver Nikolas Schmid , since 2007 the only one remaining among the founding members, still at the reins, even if the mournful incipt of the opening track Wall of Gloom may have misleadingly suggested a partial return to the sounds of the early days: nothing of the sort, but it is not unfortunate to be content with a series of catchy, flawless songs, with the only perplexities corresponding to those more ordinary episodes that lap up the style of The 69 Eyes. Nothing reprehensible, as said, but I personally prefer Lacrimas Profundere when, albeit in a much more accessible context, they still manage to produce songs in which melancholy and melody go together perfectly. All that remains to be noted is the versatile performance of vocalist Julian Larre before dedicating oneself to listening to a fine album that will not reserve any negative surprises, but neither will it hold any moments of dazzling beauty, being entirely in line with the German band’s most recent production.

2022 – Steamhammer