Empyrium – Über Den Sternen

The album in question cannot be defined as doom to all intents and purposes, indeed, it has only a few traces of the genre, but the band that wrote it has written important pages since the last century, inaugurating a particular mixture with folk that has made it a cult name for those who know and love certain sounds. I’m talking about the Germans Empyrium, who debuted in 1996 with the dazzling A Wintersunset… and then moved the sound towards a more ethereal and folk component. The band has been led since its first steps by Markus Stock, aka Schwadorf, one of the best contemporary musicians that the most attentive will know especially for what he did with the remarkable The Vision Bleak and with his solo black metal project Sun Of The Sleepless. Über Den Sternen is Empyrium‘s sixth long-distance album, which since 2002 has seen the leader accompanied by vocalist and keyboardist Thomas Helm; this union has led to the definition of a consolidated style that moves easily between neo folk, some black metal pulses and solemn and melancholic atmospheres. This latest album confirms the artistic depth of Stock, another of those musicians who turns everything he touches into gold, so I can only advise you to immerse yourself with due patience and the necessary predisposition in these notes, sometimes able to make us travel in time dimensions whose images tend to become increasingly blurred in the memory.

2021 – Prophecy Productions