Celtefog – Deliverance

When faced with work of such quality, those who recite the de profundis for black metal every other day should try to review their positions objectively, instead of following the trends of the moment. Understandably, the genre has lost much of the instinctive and wild charge of the 1990s, but the fact remains that, in the meantime, its performers, notwithstanding the overabundance of production, appear far more evolved technically and compositionally, a characteristic that emerges particularly in its ramifications, among which one of the most important is pagan. The Greeks Celtefog, with this work, come to revive the glories of a name as heavy as Windir, introducing in their sound that melodic component, less algid and solemn and more melancholically Mediterranean, capable of differentiating it. The Hellenic duo, with Deliverance, exhibits an album that is truly unassailable from any point of view: the songs flow one after the other, always keeping the pathos high, reaching peaks that many better-known bands today unfortunately dream of; two sublime tracks such as the opener Rats and Antihuman set the stage for the explosion of the masterpiece Incest Miasma, with its guitar line capable of remaining engraved in the mind indefinitely. Precisely the work with the six-string by Archon, who also takes care of the vocals and all the instruments, except for the drums prerogative of Wolfram, appears as a peculiar element of Celtefog, thanks to a very personal as much as always evocative trait. The excellent Your Eyes, My Pleasure, Dying in the Oceans and The Waves Of Oblivion, introduce the second gem of the work, The Rain Is Coming From The North, a track that encapsulates all the band’s distinctive features, before a less impactful and more rarefied track like Aurora Borealis comes to close a magnificent album. Not all economic crises come to harm, then, if it is true that bands of average quality thickness beyond expectations continue to emerge in Greece, Spain and Italy.

2014 – Dark East Productions / ολιγόψυχων αισχύνη