40 Watt Sun – Perfect Light

The 40 Watt Sun started as a band dedicated to an atmospheric doom of a certain value (The Inside Room in 2011), then passing through an initial rarefaction of sound (Wider than the Sky in 2016) and landing, finally, to a style that can be defined as singer-songwriting and mostly acoustic with the last full length Perfect Light, becoming in fact the solo project of the historic leader Patrick Walker, who for the occasion makes use of the help of a dozen guests. This turning point will not leave particular regrets to those who appreciated above all the previous work, also because the compositional sensitivity of the London musician allows us to listen to a series of caressing, painful and melancholic songs that have no more traces of rock and metal. For those who prefer these sounds Perfect Light is a precious gift, even if more than an hour of music of such features, distributed along eight tracks that do not provide derogations or changes of rhythm compared to what has been proposed since the beautiful opening song Reveal, is not something that can be suitable for everyone. We are certainly in the presence of a work of considerable artistic depth for 40 Watt Sun, but it remains to be seen whether this current mood represents the road that will be traveled in the future or if, instead, it’s only the result for Walker of a particular phase of inspiration in a more intimate direction.

2022 – Svart Records / Cappio Records