Betelzeus – Shedding the Skin

Another Finnish band dedicated to rather interesting sludge doom and who recently released an album are Betelzeus; rompared to what was said a few days ago about Frogskin, here we are in the presence of a slightly more traditional interpretation, but equally personal, since the band from Lahti tends to compose songs focused on social issues, as was the case especially on the previous album Congolese Sterilization, and also because they do not omit variations and slowdowns, especially in the beautiful closing track Null, in which an excellent acoustic guitar work accompanies a scream always full of tension. With Shedding the Skin, Betelzeus demonstrate their ability to show the not-so-obvious face of sludge and, as has already been said on other occasions, compared to overseas bands, in my opinion there is that little extra edge, because the stoner component is eliminated, replaced by a more extreme nature, with funeral and post-hardcore nuances.

2023 – Violence in the Veins