Varego – Varego

Varego are one of the best examples of what is meant by evolution in the artistic and compositional sense; started at the beginning of the last decade with a sludge with harsh traits although already crossed by transversal pulses, the Ligurian band has gradually let itself go to openings towards adjacent genres, such as stoner, post metal and progressive and the fourth and most recent self-titled full length is the best possible testimony of this path. Although Davide Marcenaro (vocals and bass), Alberto Pozzo (guitar) and Simon Lepore (drums), are no longer musicians of the highest calibre, comparing the 2012 debut Tumultum and the latest release the differences are evident, not only from a stylistic point of view but also from a purely executive one; not only that, the songwriting is focused at its best in the direction of a song form that gives each song its own precise physiognomy and, at the same time, a greater ability to grip the listener. The seven songs are concise, sharp, able to leave a mark thanks to a sound that today is much more oriented towards a stoner with psychedelic traits with not too dissimulated grunge propensities (the ghost of Alice In Chains hovers in more than one moment) and progressive (here and there you can intercept traces of Voivod’s The Outer Limits era and, above all, of the more recent works of the German band Secrets Of The Moon). Also worth noting is the first track, Raptus, sung entirely in Italian: a successful experiment, as is this excellent album, which hopefully will get the visibility it deserves.

2021 – Independent